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Professional Coaching

Reach your highest potential

With professional coaching a trained individual will support you to embark new career challenges, develop novel capabilities and realize personal satisfaction.  Coaching can be leveraged by professionals of any discipline as it generally works on beliefs, archetypes and attitudes more than a specific domain. 

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A New Perspective

A professional coach is not necessarily wiser but works to unveil that which we could not appreciate ourselves.  Objectivity and neutrality are enabled through a coach placed outside of the situation to provide effective assistance. A coach will guide to take a different perspective of our actions and decisions in order to maximize our potential and minimize detrimental effects.

Professional coaching is based on 4 main competencies

Listening to others reaches higher levels when it is done more attentively and actively. Our attention is focused entirely on the person, avoiding judgement, interruptions, be that external or of our own thoughts.

Open ended questions have significant pedagogical relevance as, with Socratic dialogue, the interchange of questions and answers allows for the person to find their own resources in the resolution to their problems. The best questions promote reflection about what one can do and the changes needed.

Motivational leadership is relevant in professional coaching because the aim is to inspire a positive change from a personality that reflects high standards and ethics.

Constructive feedback matters as coaching begins from a development need that requires an acknowledgement of the strengths before approaching growth opportunities.

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Our Own Responsibility

Our values are the basis of our professional coaching. We consider confidentiality and respect are important to establish an effective coach-coachee relationship. We put emphasis in setting boundaries on the responsibilities each party has in accomplishing growth.  

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