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Course Design

We support you in the design of your online or in person course to improve learning and the satisfaction that comes from developing talent.


Course design is an analysis methodology that determines the activities, procedures and materials that will be used to meet a series of learning, evaluation and performance objectives.

Based on the objectives of your course, we can support you in the design development to improve motivation, participation and learning with your students. Furthermore, if you wish to add your course to our portfolio you can become our collaborating partner.

Materialize your Talent with a Course


Constructivism, connectivism, cognitivism, behaviorism


Constructive alignment and emergent curriculum


Learning spaces and educational games


LMS: Moodle, Cornerstone, Articulate, Miro, Slido, Kahoot, Mentimeter, Zoom


Learning experiences, problem based learning


Formative and summative assessment. Peer assessment


Become a Collaborating Partner

Earn a fair percentage of course proceedings by adding your course in our portfolio to become a collaborating partner.  

Design your Course with us

We support you designing your online or in person course.  Use the form to reach out to us.