Professional Training

Our Story

More than 20 years of experience

Our corporate training and development story is rooted in our extensive experience. We have successfully conducted courses in various areas, including computing, management, and data quality. Our expertise extends to diverse business processes such as logistics, purchasing, inventory management, and customer service. Additionally, we offer technical courses such as operational excellence, project management, change management, Lean Sigma, and Agile.

With a deep understanding of Digital Education, we are dedicated to providing academic excellence, incorporating pedagogical theories tailored for online learning, particularly focused on adult education.

Our courses take a holistic approach, acknowledging the multifaceted needs of individuals, encompassing career growth and compensation, social affiliations, and personal satisfaction.

Educación en el trabajo

Adult Education

Adults in training deserves respect because they normally also carry work and family responsibilities, making their availability limited. It is important to take into account their context, in order to support them by making learning accesible, fexible and providing a visible added value to their work and lives in general.

Mentor profesional

Professional Coaching

Personal development sometimes requires a trained coach who can aid us to objectively see any underlying obstacles affecting our goals. A professional coach guides us to attentively reflect about the changes needed to improve our results. The purpose of a coach is to empower the coachee articulate solutions through self-awareness, usage and development of their own resources.


1994-2005 Computer Clases. Experience in preparing subjects and managing groups. Training others in a Learning Organization.

2006-2010 Specialized Training. Business management in logistics, purchasing, nance, with focus on data quality and processes.

2010-2017 Training and Change. Training as a form of change management is critical to enable staff to be prepared and trained for the change.

2018 – 2023 Professional Coaching. Helping others discover their own tools and resources for success through a mentorship relationship.

2021 -2023 Digital Education. Formalizes the experience through an academic base with pedagogical theories and strategic technology use.


“Engaging with students and delivering subjects at a good pace, which challenges but still being manageable, are some of the strengths..”
Logistics Analyst
“A positive history of training, certication and serving as a coach to many employees, always looking to empower them to reach their own solutions.”
Sr. Manager
Supply Chain