Professional Training
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Holistic Approach

We believe education is a means to developing our personality in it’s entirety, taking into account professional, social and creative needs. Our courses and events aim to address all those needs to achieve a balanced life with purposeful meaning.

Reach your highest latitude through a Holistic Approach

Hoja y camino en el fondo

Balanced Life. Althought our work lives are marked by external rewards such as hierarchy,  income and notoriety,  we believe that we perform better when we satisfy other needs like emotional, psychological and expressive ones. Fulfilment in our personal lives has an effect in our working lives and it is in the balance of both where we can find our highest sense of achievement and satisfaction.

Purposeful Objectives.  Based on Viktor Frankl’s logotherapy, a meaningful life means there is an intrinsic engine that drives us to overcome any obstacle. A continuous reflection promotes that we take charge of that purpose, recognizing the available resources and the changes needed to achieve it.

Piedras balanceadas

Lastly, we consider that with an holistic and humanistic approach, we appreciate that our decisions have a social effect that can contribute to a more fair, peaceful, ecological and sustainable society.